Learn with the Internet and the computer networks of all kind of agencies have benefited from the services of computer networks.

     Experts now world computer network system having experience in implementing several projects in different makeup and familiarity with the principles of design, the standard of world

    And technology applications to feasibility and technical feasibility assessment reports prepared by using methods and computer networking project

     Technology is ready to declare the following:

1. Create an internal communication based on common rules and standards for structured cabling

2. Switch Installation and Configuration Layer 2 and 3 switches on the transfer of

3. Installation of high-power servers using the operating system Novell NT, Windows 2000,2-3

4. Installation of workstations and network interface cards

5. Installation of optical fiber for single Mode, Multi mode Connector SC, ST type Epoxy and Epoxyless

6. Fusion performance for the full range of fiber optic cables with TEST

7. Installation of network equipment, communication between Routers, Leased Line Modem, Wireless Bridge XDSL

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